Adidaya r.e. is always striving to make renewable energy better, for now and for the future
Adidaya Group's ambition is to become the leader in power and renewable energy by geared to addressing soaring demand for electricity while stemming climate change.
Adidaya r.e. is a brand under PT. Adidaya Abadi Sentosa. We are a specialist on design, build, commissioning of renewable energy solutions.

We are a group of people that are passionate in bringing quality products and systems for all our customers.

Established and trusted since 2007, we know what and how to do in the renewable energy solution, specially on solar energy systems and fuel cell methanol base.

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Greener Planet Awaits
What We Do
We are committed to reaching the highest standards for our customers and trade partners, through any part of a project.

The experience and expertise of our people means we are perfectly placed to be your renewable energy partner, whether you need help with planning, construction, managing your plant or funding a new investment.

Together, we can find the perfect solution and help take renewable energy to the next level.

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Customized system design compliant to international standards.
Equipment to suit each needs. Best, original and works. Guaranteed.
Project Finance
Offering solutions in financing the project, by OPEX leasing scheme.
Procure all the equipment and materials necessary by the project execution.
Install and set up your system to work perfectly as designed.
Equipment repairs and retrofits, system changes.
Project Overview
Adidaya r.e. have been trusted to install PV solar power systems from residential scale to large scale such as commercial and industrial
We not only install the PV Solar Power System but also design and ensure that residents of the house can enjoy the best benefits with the range of 1,5 kWp - 5 kWp or more.

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We have been trusted to install commercial installations such as carport installations, universities, hospitals with various capacities according to customer requests.

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In installing solar panel installations in industries such as factories, warehouses, and others, we ensure that solar panels are well integrated so that they can be useful for a long time.

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What our client says about us
News and Articles
Latest News & Blog

PLTS merupakan sebuah sistem pembangkit listrik yang energinya bersumber dari radiasi matahari melalui konversi sel fotovoltaik. Sistem fotovoltaik mengubah radiasi sinar matahari menjadi listrik. Sistem PLTS sendiri memiliki beberapa komponen diantaranya:

All of these factors are important to consider when permitting your solar system, and can help streamline your process. Take the time to consider these often-overlooked aspects

Video References
Adidaya R.E Youtube Channel
Adidaya r.e. business development and installation projects will always be updated on our youtube channel. Kindly visit our youtube channel as a reference to see the various advantages and benefits of the PV Solar Power System.
Why Choose Adidaya R.E.
Because we already have many well-known suppliers we can guaranteed our products are the best
Adidaya r.e. will provide you to have one single point of contact throughout your plant's design and construction, and who will oversee electricity production, transmission, and distribution. We are one of the handfuls of operators that can provide this fully integrated service.
Improvement in our product will always be done so we can make the world a better place by reducing world carbon emissions
One single point
You will have one single point of contact throughout your plant's design and construction, and also after sales, so it will save your time and cost.
We always committed to providing the best quality of our products so our customers will always be satisfied.
Service Warranty
We guarantee the installation that we install will last up to 12 months without any defect so it will be useful for the long term.
Certified Engineers
Our teams have years of experience and certified so we can design any complete solar system.
Our milestone
Experiences in the renewable energy field for more than 10 years