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As a renewable energy, solar energy has many environmental and health benefits. By using solar energy we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change, and also reduce air pollution such as sulfur dioxide and particulate matter that can cause health problems.

The PV Solar Power System works in parallel with PLN so it doesn’t replace electricity from PLN as a whole but reduces the use of PLN during its production by synchronizing the production of the Solar system with PLN, as a result, it can reduce home electricity costs.

Because PV Solar Power System works in parallel with PLN and requires an electricity quality reference, when there is a blackout, the system will also shut down because the PLN reference becomes zero. However, with off-grid and Hybrid systems that have batteries in their system, the electricity stored in the battery can be used to turn on the lights.

There are several factors that affect the percentage of electricity that can be obtained, including the location and the available roof area, generally PV Solar Power Systems can produce around 25% - 30% of your current electricity consumption.

The solar panels have a 25 year performance warranty and the first panels in the 1970s are still running. The inverter can last 8-10 years.

In general, solar panels have dimensions of approximately 2.00m x 1.00m for one panel with a capacity of 450 - 550 Wp, As an estimate for the need of 1 kWp, a roof area of 8 - 10 square meters is required

The weight of one solar panel is about 15 kg per square meter (including structure). The installation of solar panels is done by placing the panels on top of the roof structure (gording), so that the load distribution is directly to the building structure also we use an installation method that does not damage the roof.

There is no glare effect from solar panels because solar panels function to absorb light and do not reflect light.

Yes it will, but not significantly. In designing the installation of the solar panel system, we use software to ensure the design we provide can give maximum energy results.

Generally, the process of maintaining solar panels is relatively easy, such as simply cleaning them with water, but in some cases, we can also provide service such as inspection, repair and replacement of equipment including batteries and inverters.

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